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  • Fall 2021

    Fire protection for flying taxis and energy storage systems, fire safety in the United States since 1980, what the Florida condo collapse means for similar buildings across the country, and much more.

  • Summer 2021

    In this issue of NFPA Journal, a look back—and forward—as NFPA celebrates its 125th anniversary; notable changes to the 2022 editions of NFPA codes and standards as well as a project to consolidate documents; and a new edition of NFPA 241 and resources aimed at stemming the surge in massive, costly construction fires. Plus, conversations with experts about community risk reduction and reopening buildings after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Spring 2021

    This issue of NFPA Journal marks our shift to a quarterly publication schedule, part of an exciting new identity that adds a robust web presence to the award-winning print magazine. Our Spring 2021 issue includes updates on cybersecurity, cutting-edge sprinkler technology, and how the pandemic has produced a raft of innovations in NFPA’s codes and standards development process. The issue also includes an in-depth look at a groundbreaking new effort designed to reduce the destruction caused by wildfires.


  • November/December 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the worsening global wildfire crisis as a historically massive and destructive wildfire season comes to a close in the western United States. Also, we look at a new gas detection standard from NFPA, and the battle to prevent fires in refugee camps. PLUS: the 2019 Firefighter Injuries and Large-Loss Fires reports, a new study on volunteer firefighter retention, and much more.

  • September/October 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the challenges of responding to large-scale disasters during a pandemic, the introduction of NFPA LiNK, and how the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem can help explain the devastating Beirut, Lebanon, explosion. PLUS: the 2019 Fire Loss and Catastrophic-Multiple Death Fires reports, how to prevent losses from fire in historic buildings, and much more.

  • July/August 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details the return of crowds in a post–COVID-19 world, the push toward remote video inspections, and the latest in crowd management research. PLUS: A look at how a cannabis-related explosion in Los Angeles could set the industry back, an interview with a wildfire preparedness coordinator, the 2019 US Firefighter Fatalities report, and much more.

  • May/June 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Grenfell Tower fire three years later, significant code changes for 2021, and home fire sprinkler incentives. PLUS: How COVID-19 could make preparing for and responding to natural disasters harder, a new global set of building fire safety principles, and more.

  • March/April 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the growing world of 3D-printed buildings, a new and controversial proposal to haul large amounts of liquefied natural gas on trains in the United States, and how one massive fire 40 years ago affected a tiny town in Canada. PLUS: A conversation about recovery in Australia in the wake of its devastating wildfire season, #StrongAugusta, and more.

  • January/February 2020

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines electric vehicle safety, the emerging community health care model, fires in international hospitals, how the famed Getty Museum in Los Angeles stays safe during wildfires, durable medical equipment, and more.


  • November/December 2019

    In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the lasting legacy of the Worcester cold storage warehouse fire 20 years after the deadly incident, the fire problem in Brazil and how it relates to the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem, and the future of emergency exit signage. PLUS: The 2018 NFPA Large-Loss Fires and Firefighter Injuries reports.

  • September/October 2019

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details the challenges of responding to fires on large marine vessels and the threats such incidents can pose to nearby communities; how designers in Washington, DC, transformed a historic cold storage facility into a state-of-the-art museum; and fire and life safety in schools in the age of active shooters. PLUS: The 2018 NFPA Catastrophic Multiple Death Fires and Fire Loss reports.

  • July/August 2019

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details the successful response to a series of massive gas explosions and fires in three Massachusetts towns in 2018; the growing escape room industry and how it's kept safe; and how armies of volunteers are using social media to radically alter the response to disasters. PLUS: A look at the worldwide risks that persist two years after the Grenfell Tower fire, the 2018 US Firefighter Fatalities report, and much more.

  • May June 2019 NFPA Journal Cover
    May/June 2019 2019 NFPA Conference & Expo

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details how the San Antonio, Texas, Fire Department became one of the most innovative departments in the country; how smart technology is poised to revolutionize fire and life safety building systems; and how motion picture and television sets can remain safe from fire. PLUS: A comprehensive look at some of the highlights of the 2019 NFPA Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas.

  • March April 2019 NFPA Journal Cover
    March/April 2019 Industrial & Storage Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the fire problem in parking garages, the growing modular construction industry, how the longest government shutdown in US history could affect the 2019 wildfire season, and more. Plus, an exclusive, in-depth interview with new Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen.

  • January February Journal Cover
    January/February 2019 Health Care Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at trends affecting the health care industry, including microhospitals and door gaps; violence against emergency medical services personnel and other first responders; the catastrophic Camp Fire; and much more.


  • NFPA Journal Cover November December 2018
    November/December 2018 Protection Systems

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the new-and-improved NFPA 150, Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities Code, referred to by some as the "Critter Life Safety Code"; a successful project to install smoke alarms in a shantytown in South Africa; and expert reactions to the catastrophic Brazil museum fire. PLUS the 2017 Firefighter Injuries and Large-Loss Fires and Explosions reports; and more.

  • September October 2018 Cover
    September/October 2018 Cultural, educational, and governmental occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal explores new threats facing college campuses, the debate on using inmates to fight wildfires in California, integrating modern fire and life safety features into historic architecture, and much more. Plus, the 2017 Fire Loss and Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in the United States reports.

  • July/August 2018 Assembly Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details fire and life safety challenges of Macau's massive entertainment complexes; what the emergence of the booming legal cannabis industry means for regulators and fire officials; how the short-term rental industry presents oversight conundrums for building officials; volcanic eruptions in Hawaii; the 2017 U.S. Firefighter Fatality Report, and much more.

  • NFPA Journal May/June 2018 cover
    May/June 2018 2018 NFPA Conference & Expo/Emerging Issues

    In this issue, NFPA Journal details the creation and potential impact of NFPA 3000, a groundbreaking new provisional standard addressing active shooter/hostile event preparation, response, and recovery. PLUS: A comprehensive look at some of the highlights of the 2018 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, including a host of emerging issues such as energy storage systems and tall wooden buildings; changes to the 2019 editions of NFPA 72 and NFPA 13; a firefighter's first-person account of his battle with post-traumatic stress disorder; and much more.

  • March April 2018 Journal Cover
    March/April 2018 Industrial & Storage Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the rapidly emerging commercial space industry and the growing need for more spaceports across the U.S. As more privately built spaceports to launch rockets are proposed, some experts worry about a lack of safety guidance. PLUS: fire safety in craft distilleries, UL's new smoke alarm standards and what they mean for the public, and much more.

  • January February 2018 Cover Image
    January/February 2018 Health Care Occupancies

    This issue of NFPA Journal looks at the complexities of wildfire policy. Why, even as our scientific knowledge of home ignition increases, are wildfires more destructive than ever? Politics, economics, psychology, and many other factors make challenging the status quo difficult. PLUS: A slew of health care focused stories including a look at dangerous gases used in dental offices; designing healthier fire houses; ride sharing apps versus ambulances, evidence-based hospital design, and much more.


  • November December 2017 NFPA Journal Cover
    November/December 2017 Life safety systems

    This issue of NFPA Journal includes a detailed look at the challenging 2017 hurricane season. In a special report called “Storm Season,” we talk to responders, emergency managers, and many others on the front lines in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida to find out what went well, what didn’t, and what was learned as they faced some of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history. Plus: the 2016 U.S. large-loss and firefighter injuries reports; sprinklering FEMA’s emergency housing; reports on the California wildfires and Las Vegas shooting; and much more.

  • NFPA Journal cover September October 2017
    September/October 2017 Educational, government, civic, and cultural occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the causes behind the recent spate of fires in buildings under construction, and looks at the global problem of combustible exterior wall assemblies, which is largely blamed for London’s tragic Grenfell Tower fire. Plus: the 2016 Fire Loss Report; the 2016 Catastrophic and Multiple-Death Fires Report; the science of flame jetting; electric shock drownings; and more.

  • NFPA Journal cover for July August 2017
    July/August 2017 Assembly Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the many challenges that public safety officials in rural areas face—from a shrinking pool of volunteer firefighters to dwindling resources for public outreach—and what NFPA is doing to help. PLUS: the age of public safety drones may have finally arrived; the 2016 U.S. Firefighter Fatality report; emergency evacuation elevators; a new NFPA active shooter standard, and much more.

  • NFPA Journal cover May/June 2017
    May/June 2017 2017 NFPA Conference and Expo Preview

    In this issue, NFPA Journal previews the 2017 NFPA Conference and Expo by tackling a variety of conference session topics from firefighter health, to mobile fueling, flammable refrigerants, virtual inspections, and more. Plus: A look at how the Boston Fire Department has become a national leader in addressing firefighter cancer; how Boston has adapted its approach to emergency management since the 2013 marathon bombings; protecting structures from wildfire; and more.

  • NFPA Journal cover 0317
    March/April 2017 Industrial & Storage Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal explores tall wooden buildings, tiny homes, storage container buildings, and other new and innovative building materials and designs, each with unique safety challenges. Plus: What a large-loss warehouse fire says about the need for protection systems to keep up with a building’s change of occupancy; considering confined spaces; a new wildfire preparedness study; an NFPA Conference & Expo preview; and much more.

  • NFPA Journal January February 2017 Cover
    January/February 2017 Health Care Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal delves into America’s opiate crisis and how the fire service has responded to the challenge. Plus: An oral history retrospective on NFPA 1500 on its 30th anniversary; Oakland’s tragic Ghost Ship fire; the emerging potential threat of hyperbaric chambers, and more.


  • NFPA Journal November December 2016 Cover Image
    November/December 2016

    In this issue, NFPA Journal takes a look at NFPA’s bold push into a data analytics future and the data tools it is developing that may save lives and change the way fire professionals do their jobs. Plus: a new plan for civil unrest; controversy over NFPA 13R sprinkler systems; and NFPA reports on U.S. large-loss fires, and firefighter injuries, and more.

  • Home Fire Sprinklers Cover
    Special Issue Home Fire Sprinklers

    In this special sprinkler issue, NFPA Journal celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition with a comprehensive look, from a variety of perspectives, at how home fire sprinklers save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce property loss. Plus: Looking back at HSFC’s first 20 years, its successes, and the continued effort to get this life-saving technology into all new homes.

  • September October 2016 NFPA Journal Cover of a Burning marijuana leaf
    SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 Educational and cultural occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal dives deep into the burgeoning world of the legal commercial marijuana industry, and discovers the fire and life safety lessons that Colorado can teach as the pot business prepares for a potential boom. Plus: A look at safety considerations in high-rise university science labs; considering off-campus fire safety; the 2015 U.S. Fire Loss Report; cancer on the rise in 9/11 responders; and much more.

  • NFPA Journal July August 201 Cover Image
    JULY/AUGUST 2016 Assembly Occupancies

    In the July/August issue, NFPA Journal takes a broad look at life safety in assembly occupancies, from subway platforms to giant outdoor music festivals. Our cover story, “Party On,” is an update on how the booming global festival industry is embracing the concept of “harm reduction,” a mix of safety, security, and medical efforts designed to complement the life safety evaluation required for large assembly events by NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. The issue also includes the 2015 firefighter fatalities report and much more.

  • NFPA Journal May June 2016 Cover Image
    MAY / JUNE 2016 Conference & Expo

    In this issue, NFPA Journal previews the 2016 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, with close looks at the proposed 2017 NEC; the new standard, NFPA 1616, on mass evacuation and sheltering; updates to NFPA 25; as well as a host of education sessions on various topics including data analytics, unwanted alarms, and combustible decorative features. Plus: an update of the firefighter suicide issue; fire protection in large occupancy buildings, and much more.

  • NFPA Journal March April 2016 Cover
    MARCH/APRIL 2016 Industrial and Storage Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the rapid increase in liquefied natural gas supply and demand, the massive build out of infrastructure, the growing diversity of uses, and what it all means for designers, enforcers, and first responders. Plus: a new breakthrough in rack storage fire protection; the fire safety implications of membrane enclosures; wildfire in South Africa; and much more.

  • NFPA Journal Cover January February 2016
    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Healthcare Occupancies

    In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the rapid rise of battery energy storage systems, including the factors driving the adoption of the technology, and how NFPA and others are working to answer the many lingering safety questions. Plus: in three parts, NFPA Journal explores what the increase in home healthcare and independent living means for responders, caregivers, and the patients themselves.