Interlibrary loan program

Although the materials in the NFPA Library do not circulate to the public, libraries can request the loan of selective materials* and photocopies of journal articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The Charles S. Morgan Technical Library reciprocates freely with member libraries belonging to inFIRE (the International Network for Fire Information and Reference Exchange) and the Southeastern Massachusetts Library System (SEMLS). Other libraries in the U.S. can request loans and photocopies of journal articles at a charge of US $14 per item. Libraries in other countries should direct inquires to the NFPA librarian.

To identify books and reports held by the Library, search the NFPA Library Catalog. Two books may be requested for loan at one time. Materials are generally loaned for four weeks.

inFIRE members can submit requests directly by e-mail, telephone, or telefax. SEMLS members can submit requests directly by e-mail, telephone, or telefax or through network ILL processes. Other libraries in the United States should submit a completed ALA ILL form or an electronic equivalent by mail, telefax, or e-mail. Prepayment by check or credit card is preferred.

Terms of borrowing
Requested material must be described as completely and accurately as possible following accepted bibliographic practice. If an item cannot be verified, the statement "cannot verify" should be included along with information about the original source of citation. Accepted interlibrary loan formats should be used for all requests, regardless of the means of transmission. The borrowing library is responsible for the safety of any materials borrowed from the time the material leaves the lending library until it is received back by the lending library and for packaging the material so as to ensure its return in good condition. If damage or loss occurs, the borrowing library must meet all costs of repair or replacement in accordance with the preferences of the lending library. The borrowing library must ensure a borrowed item is returned on or before the due date. If a renewal is permitted the request should be made in time to reach the lending library prior to the due date. All material on loan is subject to immediate recall, and the borrowing library should comply promptly.

The NFPA Library adheres to system and national inter-library loan codes and requirements including the Inter-library Loan Protocols and Guidelines established by the South East Massachusetts Library System, the National Interlibrary Loan Code established by the American Library Association, and copyright laws and guidelines.

* Materials not available for loan include:

  1. NFPA Archives
  2. current codes and standards
  3. fire investigation reports
  4. reference materials
  5. audiovisual resources, CD-ROM products, and educational games
  6. materials marked "Restricted Access"
  7. rare books
  8. government documents

The decision to loan any material is at the discretion of the NFPA Library.

Note: Photocopies of NFPA Archives and government documents and fire investigation reports are available through NFPA Document Delivery Services.