Historic NFPA codes and standards 
The Library preserves all current and previous NFPA and National Board of Fire Underwriters (NBFU) codes in its Archives. Librarians can research archival materials, such as NFPA codes, Reports on Proposals and Comments, and other NFPA materials upon request.  There may be a charge for photocopies.  Anyone who needs the full text of NFPA’s codes and standards, regardless of the edition, can purchase electronic versions from NFPA’s catalog Web site. Click on Codes and Standards in the left banner.

On-site services
The Library is open to the public and librarians can assist researchers in locating materials. An online catalog is available for searching the Library’s collections. A public workstation provides access to the Internet and the library is wired for wireless connectivity to the Internet.

Research assistance
Library staff can research the history of a specific section(s) of NFPA code as represented in prior editions and in annual and fall meeting reports. In addition to holding archival copies of all codes, standards, and meeting reports, the NFPA Library maintains a database of historic codes and standards and tracks the issuance of errata, technical interim amendments, and other annotations.

Library staff is available to search NFPA and external databases to assist with research. NFPA members may request up to one hour of search time at no charge. Library staff can also provide suggested search strategies for conducting research on a particular subject relevant to NFPA's interests.

Library staff is available to answer reference questions from members and the general public. Questions may relate to NFPA directly or to an NFPA topical area of interest.

Questions of a statistical nature should be directed to  NFPA's One-Stop Data Shop.

The library will not answer technical questions about NFPA codes. NFPA members can call the NFPA Advisory Service group at 1-800-344-3555 to be referred to the appropriate staff liaison. Others are encouraged to purchase the relevant code or handbook.

Interlibrary loan and member affiliations
The NFPA Library participates in free interlibrary loan services with other libraries through such consortia as inFIRE (the International Network for Fire Information and Reference Exchange), a worldwide consortium of libraries with significant collections of fire literature, and the South Eastern Massachusetts Library System (SEMLS).  Libraries outside the consortia can request loans and photocopies of select material at a charge of $15.00 per item.

To facilitate public access to the NFPA archives, the Library provides research and document delivery services for a fee for both members and non-members. Contact the Library to request photocopies or PDFs of:

  • historic codes and standards from the Association.
  • pages from historic Reports on Proposals and Reports on Comments.
  • out-of-print NFPA books, reports, booklets, brochures, and journal articles.
  • NFPA Fire Investigation Reports.
  • public domain documents held by the Library.

NFPA Fire Investigation reports
The NFPA Library can provide paper copies of any NFPA Fire Investigation Reports for a fee ($27 for members or $30 for non-members). Electronic copies of selective full reports are available to members for free.

Out of print NFPA books and pamphlets
If you are looking for out of print books published by NFPA, the Library may have what you need. Note that in some cases the copies are photocopies of the original. Call the library to order.

NFPA resource links
The NFPA Library maintains a collection of Internet links to public and private groups whose activities complement NFPA's interests.