Ultra Urban

A vast rural-to-urban migration is underway that will add billions of people to cities in developing nations over the next few decades. What can the safety community do to prepare?

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In Plain Sight

Human trafficking doesn’t just happen in the shadows—more often it’s right in front of us. Safety professionals have a role to play in stopping it.

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Mine Blast
Dozens die in Russian mine gas leak and explosion. Read article.

‘City in a Coma’
A safety expert in Beirut discusses the state of the city following the 2020 blast that killed hundreds. Read article.


One Standard, Not Three

A significant effort is underway to combine and consolidate dozens of NFPA emergency response standards; the aim is to streamline the number of documents that departments need to consult on a given topic. In this episode, we talk to the leaders of the consolidation project to learn how and why it’s happening, and how it will improve the lives of those who use the codes (1:08). Then, we talk to the chair of the newly consolidated document, NFPA 470, Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Standard for Responders, to learn how three standards were merged into one, how NFPA standards are created in the first place, and why it’s critical for the fire service to engage in the process (10:02).


Dangers of Turkey Fryers
In order to have a safe Thanksgiving, NFPA reminds you of the dangers of deep-frying a turkey.

Preparing for Takeoff

Experts say flying taxis will soon be here. Is the fire safety community ready?

2020 Firefighter Fatalities

COVID was the leading cause of on-duty firefighter deaths in the US in 2020, report says

‘Splendid and Terrible Sight’
Remembering the Great Boston Fire of 1872

Big Burns
The impacts of wildfire policy shaped a century ago can still be felt

Investment in safety cogECOSYSTEM SUCCESS  
Three US representatives introduce a bill that would provide $1 billion in funding to repair aging fire station infrastructure across the country. Read more.

In the days following the Fourth of July, media outlets across the country report serious injuries and even deaths resulting from the use of consumer fireworks during the holiday weekend. This comes after a historic number of consumer fireworks injuries reported in 2020. Read more.

Code compliance cogECOSYSTEM FAIL 
Two building inspectors are criminally charged for allegedly filling out false fire safety inspection reports for an assisted living facility in New York where two people died in a blaze in March. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cogECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
A study by doctors in Pennsylvania finds that a simple nap can help first responders make better-informed decisions. “To avoid … that groggy feeling that you feel when you wake up after a nap, it’s best to engage in short duration naps such as 30 minutes or less,” one of the researchers adds. Read more.

A lawsuit filed in Alabama recently claims government officials there neglected to provide adequate fire safety measures at a boat dock where a fire in January 2020 killed eight people. Read more.

Investment in safety cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL  
Plans to move forward with stripping and replacing dangerous exterior wall components, including flammable cladding, on thousands of buildings in the United Kingdom yet again stall during debates over who should pay for the work. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
A new online service and smartphone app launches to connect firefighters experiencing mental health issues with clinicians and other firefighters with similar issues. Learn more at redlinerescue.org.

Code compliance cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL 
A fire at a Massachusetts recycling facility reveals the business lacked proper permits and didn't have working sprinklers or a fire alarm system. The company could face serious charges, The Eagle Tribune reports. Read more.

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