An Analysis of Public Safety Call Answering and Event Processing Times

The overall goal of this project is to collect, analyze and summarize the call answer and processing time interval data in response to the fire and EMS events (excluding law enforcement event data) from a wide spectrum of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) dispatch centers (i.e., large, small, urban, rural etc.) in the United States. A statistically significant data collection shall be accomplished by developing and implementing a data collection questionnaire to all PSAPs.

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Project questionnaire survey
You are invited to participate in this research study performed by Public Consulting Group (PCG) for FPRF by completing a survey questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to collect all relevant information necessary for data collection and analysis. The survey is structured into three sections:
  1. CAD Data Collection - specific data elements to be collected and reported in an Excel sheet. You will upload your call center's Excel file onto our secure site.
  2. PSAP/Communication Center Characteristics
  3. Call Center Data

We strongly recommend collecting all information needed to complete the survey beforehand. Please review the PDF of the full survey and detailed instructions (PDF) for completing the survey. We are asking for voluntary participation from PSAP dispatch centers who would like their data to be included in the analysis. We will be excluding data regarding law enforcement calls to focus solely on fire and EMS events. Data will be aggregated for analysis; individual agency data will not be included or identified in the final report. Please note that most of the data requested in this survey is best provided by management personnel responsible for the agency's PSAP or dispatch center.


We thank you in advance for your participation in this important study! If at any point you have questions, please reach out to the research team.