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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

2019 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day banner

Wildfires across the United States have cost more than 100 lives and more than $25 billion dollars in property losses in just the last two years. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to improve the wildfire safety of your home and community. 

Take the first step on your journey to wildfire preparedness by participating in projects on May 4. You can help your neighborhood create a sense of community by working together on a project that can make a difference. 

Encourage local participation!

You can help promote wildfire safety by encouraging residents to work together on a project or event. Participation helps create a sense of community, where neighbors begin to look out for each other. Wildfire Community Preparedness Day projects can also help strengthen relationships between residents and the local fire department, land management agencies, community leaders, and elected officials.See a list of possible projects.

Sponsored by State FarmApply for an award

Since the inception of National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, NFPA and State Farm have partnered together to give communities an opportunity to apply for $500 to fund their wildfire risk reduction activities. You can link to the application below. The deadline is March 1.


VOTE: Check out the projects and vote for your favorite.

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Motivate neighbors and community members to work together to make where they live a safer place from wildfire.

A worthwhile effort

"We had a very busy May 6 fire fuel reduction project. Approx. 6 tons of dry trees, grasses, shrubs, etc were removed and mulched to be used along the borders to further reduce our fire risks. We are very grateful for the funding that allowed us to make our community a more fire resistant and safer place to live."
Diane "Maka'ala" Kanealii, Executive Director, Kailapa Community Association

“I appreciate your giving us the opportunity to participate in the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. It has been a wonderful chance to work with organizations we don't typically think of when smoke is in the air.”
Darron Williams, Bureau of Indian Affairs

More information
  • Apply for an award Deadline is March 1.
  • Project map Put your Wildfire Community Preparedness Day project on the map.
  • Official 2019 Rules Rules for the project funding awards promotion.
  • Project ideas We’ve developed more than two dozen project ideas for individuals, families and groups.
  • Success stories Read about some successful projects from Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.