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NFPA 1620: Standard for Pre-Incident Planning

This standard provides criteria for developing pre-incident plans to help responders effectively manage emergencies so as to maximize protection for occupants, responding personnel, property, and the environment.

Please note:  This Standard is no longer accepting Public Input due to the Emergency Response and Responder Safety Document Consolidation Plan (consolidation plan) as approved by the NFPA Standards Council.  As part of the consolidation plan, this Standard is slipping cycle and being combined into a new consolidated draft, NFPA 1660.  To submit a public input on this consolidated draft by the November 13, 2020 deadline, go to NFPA 1660.
NFPA Member Section - International Fire Marshals Association
This section brings together officials engaged in the prevention of fire, the investigation of fires, and/or public fire and life safety education.
In West's Wake
As federal regulatory agencies try to figure out what went wrong at the West Fertilizer facility last April, resulting in a massive explosion that decimated a small town, Texas State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy is on a mission to spread the word about chemical storage safety.
NFPA Journal - US Firefighter Injuries in 2013, November December 2014
NFPA Journal publishes NFPA’s Fire Analysis and Research Division’s report on U.S. Firefighter Injuries in 2013. It found that about 66,000 firefighters were injured in the line of duty in 2013, the fewest since NFPA began keeping statistics on injuries in 1981
In A Flash - NFPA Journal
The Chemical Safety Board weighs in on the West Fertilizer facility disaster in Texas; the ABCs of Intermediate Bulk Container safety; and NFPA bids farewell to statistics guru John Hall.
NFPA Journal - After the marathon bombing, May June 2017
How Boston adapted its approach to emergency management and planning since the 2013 marathon bombings—and what other communities can learn from it.
NFPA Journal - U.S. Firefighter Injuries in 2016, Safety First, Nov Dec 2017
Recommended priorities to reduce firefighter injuries and corresponding NFPA codes and standards.
ISO Rating Resources
The Problem With Big
As storage occupancies get bigger, they create new challenges for the fire service. Now experts are rethinking how to protect those buildings in the event of fire - and how to minimize firefighter risk.
Protecting 21st Century Storage Spaces
Mass Notification
Safety at Center Stage
U.S. Firefighter Injuries in 2012
Last year there were 69,400 firefighter injuries in the United States, the lowest number since NFPA began analyzing that annual data in 1981.
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