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NFPA report - U.S. Experience with Sprinklers
This NFPA report includes statistics on how often sprinklers are reported in fires, by property use, and their estimated impact in reducing the average loss of life and property per fire.
NFPA fire statistics - U.S. Experience with Sprinklers
Sprinklers are a highly effective and reliable part of a building’s fire protection system. National estimates of reported fires derived from the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and NFPA’s annual fire department experience survey show that in 2010-2014 sprinklers were present in 10% of reported U.S. fires.
US Experience with Sprinklers - Supporting Tables | NFPA
These tables support the report of the same name.
NFPA History
The history of NFPA is a story that focuses on two essentials of our universe: water and electricity. Although by tradition it is generally considered wise to assure their separation, water and electricity are mixed in this story to tell the tale of NFPA's beginnings, from conception, to first breath, to those initial steps out of the cradle.
Fire safety in a sustainable world
As green technologies and materials are becoming more affordable and available, the market demand for sustainable infrastructure and alternative energy has increased. How will these new technologies and systems affect the fire protection industry? NFPA's Tracy Vecchiarelli looks at fire safety in a sustainable world.
NFPA Standards Council members
The members of NFPA's Standards Council are appointed by the NFPA Board of Directors and oversee the Association's codes and standards development activities, administer rules and regulations, and act as an appeals body.
NFPA report - Physical disability as a factor in home fire deaths
This NFPA report examines fire circumstances and victim characteristics when physical disability was cited as a factor contributing to fatal injury and compared these circumstances and characteristics with those found in home fire deaths overall.
NFPA reports - Suppression
Active suppression can prevent a small fire from growing into a big fire. We research the performance of suppression systems so you have the latest knowledge to design and maintain solutions that perform as intended.
Research Foundation - Stakeholder Perceptions of Home Fire Sprinklers
This research is focused on the impact of residential fire sprinkler adoption. It used surveys and interviews to gather data on issues frequently debated when residential fire sprinklers are proposed for widespread adoption, including such issues as: Consumer value Local government feedback Water purveyor perceptions and requirements
U.S. Structure Fires in Office Properties | NFPA
This NFPA report is an overview of office property fires, including trend tables, causes, time of day, day of week, month of year, and area of origin.
NFPA report - High-rise building fires
This NFPA report includes an overall statistical perspective on the fire experience in high-rise buildings, analysis and discussion of risk in high-rise vs. other properties.
New NFPA fact sheet highlights key takeaways from Fire Safety in the US Since 1980 | NFPA
The new at-a-glance, two-sided resource conveys the most salient research points.
NFPA 1: Inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems and NFPA 25 reference in the Fire Code. #FireCodefridays
Phew, I made it. It's still Friday so this post is in just in time!  I've been fortunate enough to have spent most of the past two days attending the launch of NFPA's new training program: Hands-on 2-Day Training for Facilities Managers – Essentials for…
"The cost is so insignificant:" NFPA chats with homebuilder who supports home fire sprinklers
A recent summit hosted by the Missouri Fire Sprinkler Coalition introduced attendees to something of an anomaly--a builder who fully supports home fire sprinklers. Admitting that some of his peers and local homebuilding associations take a different…
Breeching Valves – Should They be Used in Sprinkler Systems?
What on earth is a breeching valve? A breeching valve, also known as a safety shutoff valve or excess flow valve, monitors pressure and flow in a system. Upon seeing excessive flow, the valve will automatically close, essentially shutting off or…
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