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NFPA 1001: Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

This standard identifies the minimum job performance requirements (JPRs) for career and volunteer fire fighters whose duties are primarily structural in nature.

Please note:  As part of the Emergency Response and Responder Safety Document Consolidation Plan (consolidation plan) as approved by the NFPA Standards Council, this Standard is slipping cycle and being combined into a new consolidated draft, NFPA 1010. For further information on this consolidated draft, go to NFPA 1010.
NFPA - 2018 Standards Council Meetings
2018 Standards Council agendas, minutes, decisions
ISO Rating Resources
NFPA is providing a resource page to assist those individual and fire departments reviewing or going through the rating process of the new ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). On this page you will find links to the current editions of NFPA…
NFPA Technical Committees seeking enforcers
See the list of NFPA Technical Committees seeking representation in the interest category of Enforcing Authority, the document(s) they are responsible for, and the committee scope. Note: Based on the specific committee, there may be additional clarifications provided to the basic definition of Enforcing Authority
NFPA - How enforcers are defined
An Enforcing Authority is defined as a representative of an agency or an organization that promulgates and/or enforces standards.
Emergency Response and Responder Safety Consolidation Project
Background: During the April 2019 meeting, the NFPA Standards Council reviewed a consolidation plan for the Emergency Response & Responder Safety (ERRS) standards and voted to support the plan.  The plan will help us better serve our Emergency Response &…
Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) and the NFPA Technical Meeting
Under NFPA rules, anyone wishing to make an allowable amending motion at an NFPA Technical Meeting must declare their intentions by filing, within the published deadline, a Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM). NITMAMs submitted on Public Comments (PC) can only be submitted by the original submitter of the PC or their duly authorized Designated Representative.
NFPA Research Fund | NFPA
The purpose of the Fire protection Research Protection's NFPA Research Fund is to stimulate and provide a mechanism for facilitating research to support the work of NFPA Technical Committees.
Board of Directors
Chairman David W. Ward +1 817-657-6584 112 N. Avenue "A" Springtown, TX 76082 After an 18-year career in insurance loss control, David is now the Safety Director at Texas-based CTI Energy Services.   David holds a degree in Fire Protection and Safety…
NFPA Journal – Full Immersion, Spring 2022
How AR and VR could revolutionize firefighter training
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