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Property Insurance Research Group
The Property Insurance Research Group (the "PIRG") was formed in 2010 to support the mission and activities of the Foundation by: providing a forum for interested members of the property insurance industry to discuss industry-relevant fire protection…
NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative-Insurance discounts for home fire sprinklers
NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative has created one, succinct resource providing valuable information on insurance discounts for sprinklers.
USAA adds Oregon to homeowners insurance discount
​ Oregon now joins Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas in being one of five states where USAA policyholders living in a recognized Firewise Communities/USA site, are eligible to receive a discount on their homeowners insurance premium. There are…
Wildfires and Insurance webinar series recordings now available!
During May of this year NFPA partnered with insurance industry experts to share tips and resources on how to financially and physically prepare for wildfires. Recordings of the webinars are now available and easily accessed - all you need is a free NFPA…
Insurance discounts for USAA members in 10 states
The Departments of Insurance in 11 states have approved filings by USAA to give homeowners insurance discounts to USAA members living in communities recognized by the Firewise USA™ program. This discount applies to policies issuing or renewing on the following dates in the states listed below.
Fact sheet on insurance information on home fire sprinklers
Most home insurers give discounts for residential sprinkler installations
Take Advantage of Insurance Savings with Home Fire Sprinklers
Buying a home is a process that calls for making many choices, but when it comes to safety investments, a lack of accurate information can keep homeowners from making the most of available technology. Our Mythblaster Monday series cuts through the noise…
Full Webinar: Wildfires and Insurance: Learn How to Prepare Financially
Despite the global challenges posed by COVID-19, another wildfire season is just around the corner. This webinar will help you prepare physically and financially to defend against the destructive threat of wildfire. Join us to learn from and interact with…
Property Insurance Research Group Forum on PV Panel Fire Risk | NFPA
This Research Foundation report summarizes a roundtable discussion by participants on fire experience and mitigation strategies for installation.
Don't wait for a wildfire to check on your insurance policy
Is your home covered in case of a disaster? An unfortunate reality is that most homes are underinsured, meaning they don't have enough coverage to protect them if they are damaged or destroyed. While we hope you are never faced with making a claim, here…
Mercury Insurance launches programs to help California homeowners with wildfire risk
Communities that are acknowledged by NFPA Firewise USA Recognition Program are eligible for discounts
Wildfire action policy - The influence of insurance resource | NFPA
The influence of insurance on wildfire risk and resilience.
Strengthening the safety net: a healthy insurance market will help us Outthink Wildfire
A new policy brief by NFPA highlights insurance as a key component required for all of us to collectively Outthink Wildfire™ and eliminate the loss of communities to wildfire in 30 years. NFPA’s recent launch of a bold policy initiative, Outthink…
For homeowners in wildfire-prone communities, securing adequate insurance coverage takes education and action | NFPA
Property insurance is the primary and largest financial safety net for recovering from disaster-caused property damage including wildfires. Roughly 95 percent of homeowners carry homeowners insurance, equating to some 70 million policies in force across…
What to do if your home insurance is not renewed: up-to-date information for California policyholders
For many homeowners, choosing and purchasing property insurance is often a “set it and forget it” scenario. Federally-backed mortgage loans require homebuyers to purchase insurance, but how many homebuyers shop around for the best deal, discuss coverage…
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Items 1 - 15 of 269