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NFPA 17A: Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems
This standard includes the minimum requirements to ensure that pre-engineered wet chemical fire extinguishing systems will function as intended throughout their life to protect life and property from fire. It is intended for the use and guidance of those who purchase, design, install, test, inspect, approve, list, operate, or maintain such equipment.
NFPA Journal - Research Roadmap, July August 2015
NFPA Journal looks at the need to evaluate emerging technologies for solid-fuel cooking fire suppression.
NFPA Journal - Comments. Sept Oct 2015
Comments from the NFPA Journal audience.
NFPA research report - Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to ITM Frequency
This Research Foundation project identifies a framework for applying reliability based decision making to ITM frequency for fire pumps.
NFPA Journal - Features - Nowhere to Go September October 2011
Fire safety is serious business at one of the world's most isolated research posts
Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) and the NFPA Technical Meeting
Under NFPA rules, anyone wishing to make an allowable amending motion at an NFPA Technical Meeting must declare their intentions by filing, within the published deadline, a Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM). NITMAMs submitted on Public Comments (PC) can only be submitted by the original submitter of the PC or their duly authorized Designated Representative.
Fall 2016 Report of the Motions Committee on Certified Amending Motions
Items 1 - 15 of 24