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NFPA 241: Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations

NFPA 241 provides measures for preventing or minimizing fire damage to structures, including those in underground locations, during construction, alteration, or demolition.
NFPA 241 ensures fire safety throughout the construction process
BREAKING NEWS: On Thursday, September 14, a fire broke out at an apartment building under construction in Weymouth, Massachusetts. According to local news reports, the structure has been destroyed. Multiple large-scale fires have occurred at…
NFPA 241 Fact Sheet: Fires in Structures Under Construction
Recent Fires at Residential Occupancies under Construction Reinforce Critical Importance of NFPA 241
Townhouse complex fire in Reno, NV - Photo courtesy of Reno Gazette Journal Two massive fires in the last ten days occurred at residential complexes under construction, reinforcing the critical importance of following the fire and life safety requirements…
NFPA 241 Construction Site Safety Research Fact Sheet
Massive fire at apartment complex under construction in southwest Las Vegas reinforces critical importance of NFPA 241
Caption: Smoldering damage left on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, after a fire tore through an apartment complex under construction in southwest Las Vegas. (Photo: Clark County Fire Department) A massive structure fire occurred at an apartment complex under…
NFPA Journal - Dispatches, Nov Dec 2018
The blaze that gutted a museum in Brazil in September is the latest example of a catastrophic fire in a historic building.
NFPA Journal - First Word, Jan Feb 2018
NFPA President Jim Pauley reflects on 2017 and looks at the year ahead.
NFPA Journal - Restoring Order, Sept Oct 2018
Restoring historic courthouses with modern fire safety features.
The Importance of Safeguarding Site Construction, Alteration, and Demolition during the COVID-19 Pandemic
On March 16, Boston became the first city in the nation to issue a stop (for two weeks) to its booming construction industry. Shortly after, similar measures were put into place in Pennsylvania, where on March 19, all construction operations were also…
NFPA Journal - Dispatches, Spring 2021
Fires in buildings under construction continue to occur at an alarming rate, prompting efforts to beef up protections
Demobilizing buildings under construction, alteration or demolition during COVID-19 construction shutdown
COVID-19 is having an immediate and drastic impact on the construction industry with job sites being abandoned and workers being furloughed. A byproduct of these unprecedented pandemic-related changes has been the demobilization of…
New NFPA tip sheet offers timely information on demobilizing buildings under construction, alteration or demolition during government-required shutdowns
April 16, 2020 – NFPA has developed a new tip sheet to help building owners, authorities having jurisdictions (AHJs), installer/maintainers, facility managers, and contractors safely prepare and execute demobilization efforts in buildings under…
Four key tips that can help significantly reduce the risk of construction site fires
In the U.S., a fire occurs at a building under construction every 90 minutes, on average, according to NFPA data. Construction sites are notoriously rife with fuel, including piles of trash and excess building materials. Combine that with no shortage of…
NFPA Journal - Dispatches, Wide shot, July August 2018
For the second time in four years, a historic building in Scotland is destroyed by fire.
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