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Wildfire - NFPA Journal, November/December 2020
Column: Our current approach to combatting wildfire isn't working. So why do we remain complacent in the face of failure?
Wildfire - NFPA Journal
Column: A New Online Tool to Evaluate Wildfire Risk
Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes online training | NFPA
Learn about the basics of how wildfires ignite homes and the actions that can be implemented to make homes safer in this 30-minute training.
NFPA Journal explores how we can collectively Outthink Wildfire™
The new Spring NFPA Journal is out and its feature article takes an in depth view on NFPA’s bold new strategy for ending the destruction of communities by wildfire in 30 years.  To Outthink Wildfire™, we can’t simply do what we’ve always done to address…
California 2020 State Legislative Session for Wildfire: Some Wins While Others Measures Left in a Holding Pattern
Unlike the state's rough wildfire season, the end of California's 2020 legislative session is clearly in sight. This year, lawmakers considered a number of bills on the state's wildfire challenge. Among these were two measures aimed at strengthening…
Wildfire - NFPA Journal, May/June 2020
Column: What wildfire advocates can learn from hurricane response
Wildfire - NFPA Journal
Column: Preparing for wildfire during a pandemic
Wildfire Topic
Research Foundation proceedings - Workshop on International Wildfire Risk Reduction
June 2017 - This workshop brought together stakeholders from around the world to collaboratively address wildfire risk reduction based on their local experiences and successes. The participants shared their personal success stories on engaging with communities and addressing wildfire risk as well as the challenges they face given their local safety infrastructure.
Open Multi-Physics Framework for Modelling Wildfire Urban Evacuation | NFPA
This work describes a novel framework for modelling wildfire urban evacuations. The framework is based on multi-physics simulations that can quantify the evacuation performance. The work argues that an integrated approached requires considering and integrating all three important components of WUI evacuation, namely: fire spread, pedestrian movement, and traffic movement. The report includes a systematic review of each model component, and the key features needed for the integration into a comprehensive toolkit.
Wildfire training and certification
NFPA offers a wildfire classroom training, Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire, and a certification program, Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.
NFPA - Wildfire virtual field trips
Learn what happens to people, property and natural areas one year, five years and ten years after a major wildfire.
NFPA - Wildfire Risk Reduction Community Service Projects
Teens across the country are already doing great things in their neighborhoods to reduce a wildfire’s massive power, and you can too! Remember you can, and you will, make a difference in your community. Check out the more than two dozen project ideas that can get you started.
Community Wildfire Risk Assessment Tutorial online training | NFPA
This online learning module is an overview of the wildfire risk assessment process. You will learn how to evaluate your community’s strengths and vulnerabilities to wildfire as well as use that knowledge to inform your assessment.
Boys & Girls Clubs and Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day was developed as the result of input from youth (from a research survey completed by NFPA®) who wanted to participate in wildfire safety project work on one specific day across the nation.  This information and…
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Items 1 - 15 of 427