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Wildfire - NFPA Journal, November/December 2020
Column: Our current approach to combatting wildfire isn't working. So why do we remain complacent in the face of failure?
Wildfire - NFPA Journal
Column: A New Online Tool to Evaluate Wildfire Risk
California 2020 State Legislative Session for Wildfire: Some Wins While Others Measures Left in a Holding Pattern
Unlike the state's rough wildfire season, the end of California's 2020 legislative session is clearly in sight. This year, lawmakers considered a number of bills on the state's wildfire challenge. Among these were two measures aimed at strengthening…
Mercury Insurance launches programs to help California homeowners with wildfire risk
Communities that are acknowledged by NFPA Firewise USA Recognition Program are eligible for discounts
Wildfire action policy #1 resource | NFPA
Policy #1 is to require all homes and businesses in the wildland/urban interface to be more resistant to ignition from wildfire embers and flames.
Wildfire action policy #2 resource | NFPA
Policy #2 is current codes and standards, as well as sound land use practices, must be in use and enforced for new development and rebuilding in wildfire-prone areas.
Wildfire action policy #4 resource | NFPA
Policy #4 is that government must increase resources for vegetative fuel management.
Wildfire Topic
Wildfire - NFPA Journal, May/June 2020
Column: What wildfire advocates can learn from hurricane response
Wildfire - NFPA Journal
Column: Preparing for wildfire during a pandemic
Netflix Doc
A new Netflix documentary film on the Camp Fire generates Oscar buzz
First Word - NFPA Journal
NFPA President Jim Pauley on the wildfire crisis
It's time to start working on your 2021 renewal application! | NFPA
Did you know that being recognized by the Firewise USA® program requires annual commitment to action? Each year, participating communities engage in educational outreach and science-based risk reduction within their boundaries. This annual work improves…
A giant step in understanding wildfire risk to homes
For more than a decade, federal and state agencies, local governments, and nonprofit advocates of wildfire safety have been working to get their arms around the magnitude and scope of wildfire risk in the U.S. The National Cohesive Wildland Fire…
Engaging Youth in Reducing Wildfire Risk report
More than 8 million students in grades six through twelve live in a U.S. wildland/urban interface community with a potential wildfire risk. They represent a resource that could be a valuable conduit in bringing wildfire mitigation information into their…
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Items 1 - 15 of 289