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Outdoor cooking safety with portable grills | NFPA
Portable grills can play a big role in outdoor events and activities. By following some simple safety tips and guidelines you, your family and friends can reduce the risk of injuries.
NFPA research fact sheet - U.S. Home Fires Involving Grills
Download a fact sheet with statistics from NFPA's Home Grill Fires report. Five out of six (82%) grills involved in home fires were fueled by gas, while 14% used charcoal or other solid fuel.
NFPA 1: Proper Use and Location of Grills and Other Cooking Equipment, #FireCodefridays
Are you responsible for enforcing apartment buildings where residents want to use grills? Have you been faced with landlords or condo associations who are seeking education on the risk of grills and cooking appliances?  Do you see office buildings with…
Home Grill Fires report |NFPA
This NFPA report examines causes and circumstances of home grill fires that were reported to local fire departments in the U.S., including structure fires and outside or unclassified grill fires that occurred.
4 grilling fire safety resources to get your summer cooking events off on the right foot
With summer in full swing, many of us are busy preparing menus, and our grills, for all the barbecues, backyard soirees and beach parties we'll be hosting (and attending!). But before you fire up that grill, NFPA is reminding people to brush up on their…
NFPA - Grilling social media posts
Use these posts to share the message about grilling fire safety on social media.
With Memorial Day and the summer months approaching, NFPA offers safe grilling tips and recommendations to help reduce fires and injury
Fire departments responded to an average of 10,600 home fires annually involving grills, hibachis, or barbecues according to NFPA’s research from 2014-2018.
NFPA - Grilling safety
NFPA urges you to use safe grilling practices as the peak months for grilling fires approach – June and July. Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be used outdoors. The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
5 grilling tips to keep you fire safe this Labor Day weekend
Where did the summer go? For most of us, the month of August has just flown by! But here we are approaching Labor Day weekend and NFPA knows that many of you, like us, are getting ready for outdoor parties and lots of grilling! As the host of the event,…
With Memorial Day and the summer months approaching, NFPA offers safe grilling tips and recommendations to prevent fires and injuries | NFPA
The peak months for grilling fires are July (18 percent of grilling fires), June (15 percent), May (13 percent), and August (12 percent), though grill fires occur year-round.
With Memorial Day and the summer months approaching, NFPA offers safe grilling tips and recommendations to prevent fires and injuries
Often considered the unofficial kick-off to summer, Memorial Day weekend typically includes lots of celebrations and cookouts, often with outdoor grilling as a focal point. As the holiday and summer months near, NFPA reminds everyone of basic safety tips…
NFPA Provides Tips for Grilling Safely this Memorial Day and Beyond, Particularly as the Public Continues to Stay at Home in Response to COVID-19
While there will likely be fewer gatherings with family and friends this Memorial Day in response to COVID-19, many observances of the holiday this year will likely continue to involve outdoor grilling. Plus, as more people continue to cook at home in the…
NFPA Offers 5 Key Tips for Safely Enjoying Outdoor Activities this Summer
With COVID-19 continuing to place limitations on social activities and engagements, people may increasingly turn to grilling, fire pits, and other at-home outdoor activities this summer, which presents an increased risk of associated fires. Here are five…
Use our grilling safety tips to stay fire-safe this Memorial Day weekend and beyond | NFPA
For many of us, Memorial Day weekend represents the unofficial kick-off to summer, often including lots of outdoor celebrations, cookouts, and grilling. As the holiday and summer months near, follow grilling information, safety tips, and recommendations…
Summer is almost here. NFPA offers five key tips for keeping it fire-safe
As the world opens up again and people make plans for a season ahead full of outdoor activities, use of outdoor fuel-based equipment like grills, fire pits, and campfires will surely increase substantively. While these types of equipment do present…
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