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NFPA 72 Fire Protection Systems
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NFPA Journal - In Compliance NFPA 72, July Aug 2018
Detection and notification challenges in new assembly occupancies.
NFPA 72 - NFPA Journal, Jan Feb 2020
Relating loudspeaker circuit survivability to reliability
NFPA Journal - NFPA 72 Changes, May June 2018
Feature: A look at five key changes to the 2019 edition of NFPA 72.
NFPA 72 - NFPA Journal July/August 2020
When do we sound the alarm?
NFPA Journal - In Compliance NFPA 72, Nov Dec 2018
The importance of understanding wiring reliability and performance.
NFPA Journal - In Compliance NFPA 72, Jan Feb 2018
Column: Understanding private-mode notification for health care facilities.
NFPA 72®: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®

NFPA 72 provides the latest safety provisions to meet society's changing fire detection, signaling, and emergency communications demands. In addition to the core focus on fire alarm systems, the Code includes requirements for mass notification systems used for weather emergencies; terrorist events; biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies; and other threats.
NFPA Journal - Managing Magnitude, July August 2018
Jensen Hughes executives discuss the challenges of protecting Asia's gigantic assembly occupancies from fire and other life safety hazards.
NFPA Journal - In Compliance NFPA 72, Sept Oct 2018
Balancing school fire safety with security in an age of active shooters and hostile events.
Occupant Notification Strategies | NFPA
Fire alarm notification can occur via two modes. This blog reviews those modes with discussion of the options available in each.
Smoke Alarm (Smoke Detector) Troubleshooting
If your smoke alarms sound, you should exit the house as soon as possible. However, if you keep having nuisance (unwanted) smoke alarms, here are a few things that can help you determine the issue.
Research Foundation - Fire Alarms and At Risk Populations
To understand the impact of fire alarm notification signals on individuals with sound and light sensitivities, the Foundation conducted an initial literature review to determine what information could be found on this topic. This literature review discovered that there was very limited information on the topic and the NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code, Technical Committee needed more technical information to develop guidance on how to address this issue. This project gathers additional information on how fire alarm notification signals impact high risk populations by conducting targeted interviews with experts (e.g. teachers, therapists, etc.)
Fire Alarm Notification Delay from Sprinkler Waterflow | NFPA
NFPA 72 permits up to a 100-second delay between sprinkler waterflow and occupant notification to ensure they function as intended and reduce unwanted nuisance alarms.
NFPA Journal, NFPA 72 In Compliance, Fall 2021
NFPA 72 is expected to feature enhanced cybersecurity requirements
The New Benchmark for Fire Alarm Systems | NFPA
This sheet gives updates to reflect the latest technologies, applications, and research on NFPA 72.
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