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Reducing Wildfire Risk to
People and Property

Trainings to help you prepare

Each year, thousands of structures are destroyed by wildfires--and millions more are at risk.  The speed and intensity of wildfires mean that fire service personnel will not be able to protect every property. But there are many things that home and business owners can do to reduce their risks of damage and loss. Fire service professionals, community safety officers, and others need to be able to assess structure risk and communicate risk factors and potential mitigation options to property owners.

Reducing Wildfire Risk to Property: Protecting Your Home or Business

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, this course will reveal the key factors that determine wildfire risk to your property. This interactive training provides science-based steps on how to protect your property from wildfire.


Reducing Wildfire Risk to Property: Professional Online Training

This self-paced online course provides the latest information, education, and support that wildfire mitigation professionals need. With expert insights, Dynamic videos, and interactive exercises, this course will help ensure you’re well prepared to improve safety in your community.


Your Home and Wildfire.
Choices That Can Make a Difference.

Homeowners can play an important role in making key choices that help protect their homes against wildfire risks.
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